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Breaking the chains

 Sharing collaborative initiatives that give others a ‘leg up’ so that we can break shackles of hopelessness created by poverty.


John Moore

The world has been smashed by the Covid 19 pandemic. John and the ‘team’ are  building the organisation around the care and concern that Jesus Christ encouraged on this earth. His commandment was straight forward “love one another.” Our work in both India and Africa is adapting to the real needs that communities have right now. While poverty was on the decrease, this crisis has recreated an increase in poverty. People are not only without food, they do not have the possibility of working. We believe we can share the resources we have to bring about some relief in strategic areas. In Pakistan an active team is leading the way with the distribution of much needed vegetables during this tragic pandemic.


John is registered with Queensland Baptists and serving as the Senior Pastor at The Crossing Church (formerly known as SouthPine Eatons Hill Brisbane).

John is a church planting coach with Mission to Queensland.

Event Speaker

Sydney Moore

Syd is working at Glasshouse Christian College. He is part of an innovative team of pastors who are working with local students. He is also part of our international network of ministers. Syd is in the development phase of planting a unique church at Aura on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia.

Our Work

During this season of limited travel created by the Covid 19 situation, Passionfruit Ministries is developing a care network in many parts of the world. We are adapting to the needs of the poor in specific locations through collaborative local initiatives and much needed funding. In Uganda, we have a vibrant ministry with local pastors caring for people including helping those with aids. In India, we partner with a well established network of churches that have the ability to clothe, feed, and minister to many people. Our input enables the sustainability of these ministries. Recently, in the country of Pakistan, we have been blown away by teams of ministry leaders distributing fresh vegetables to families in lockdown. Our mission is to come alongside workers, raise awareness, funds, and encouragement to some of the least likely places around the world.


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