A. Convergence


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Do you have desires for your life-things you want to happen? If you do, and most people do, are they realistic, or do they seem just way too out there to ever materialize? But who’s to say what’s real or too farfetched to come true? You might be surprised by what God has in store for you. Author John Phillip Moore knows about dreams, desires, and working through ideas. And he knows about God’s extraordinary role in their realization. In his book, Convergence: The Spirit-led Journey, he uses his experiences alongside those of others to show how God provides us all with glimpses into what lies ahead for us. Each chapter takes readers on an adventure into different aspects of people’s Christian experiences. You will work through twelve spiritual considerations of your life and in that process interpret much more of God’s desire for your life. Readers will also discover the importance of visions, dreams, ideas, and patterns, which form various aspects of God’s unveiling will in your life. This guide book deals with seeds planted in the heart, unearths nurturing principles, and then promotes action for the sojourner. “Convergence..”.the word best describes how John Moore loves living life. John’s life has been one unique assignment after another, all of them “converging” together to play out God’s plan. This is a great read! You’ll relate to it, learn from it and be challenged to live it out. -Mark Evans Senior Pastor, The Church at Rock Creek, Little Rock Arkansas


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